A visit from Eric, Manny, and Shawn.

Posted on June 30th, by admin in behind the scenes.

We got to meet some of our favorite stunt guys! Eric Jacobus (San Fransisco), Emmanuel Manzanares, and Shawn Bernal (Chicago) visited Greensboro to discuss ideas for Beat Down Boogie. These guys are amazing talent with awesome personalities! We cooked up some really cool fight scenes for the script.

As if sleeping on Micah’s blow-up mattresses wasn’t bad enough, we couldn’t let them leave NC without a good brawl. So we grabbed a little camcorder (and Matt Sumner) and ran around Greensboro, duking it out.
After Shawn and Manny headed back to Chicago, Eric visited Brian Lee in Raleigh for a little chase through NC State University. Some bystanders who didn’t notice our small camera were surprised and shocked to see Eric flipping off of walls as he was pursued across the campus. Good times!

Here’s some highlights from our great visit with Eric, Manny, and Shawn.