Welcome to Beat Down Boogie

Posted on June 30th, by admin in behind the scenes.

We’re making a movie!

But it’s more than just a movieā€¦.

Beat Down Boogie encompasses the spirit of do-it-yourself film-making.
A new era of technology and self-distribution is on the horizon and we’re exploring it!

From start to finish we’ll be sharing our experiences. Follow us as we test new equipment, start pre-production, create key art, explore distribution possibilities, book theatrical runs, etc. Our audience and fellow indie filmmakers will be able to experience the making of our film, Beat Down Boogie in real time, from beginning to the end. So, join us on this adventure in filmmaking.

You can follow our tutorials and behind-the-scenes clips on our YouTube channel.

DIY film-makers have already proven you can make high-quality films on a shoestring budget. But we want to take indie action films to a new level. We’re teaming up with some of the coolest indie stuntmen from around the world, including members of The Stunt People, LBP, Mag Fighters, and many more. Micah Moore will be leading creative direction with Blake Faucette producing. Rick Burnett is in charge of geeking it up, and Andrew Comstock will be blowing stuff up. Together we’ll make a great action comedy with outstanding fights.

Thanks for checking out the launch of this movement and movie-in-the-making!
And don’t forget, we’re constantly adding more tutorials, clips, and viral videos to the Beat Down Boogie channel!

Micah and Blake!