Modern War Gear Solid – Part 2 COMING SOON!

Posted on July 24th, by admin in behind the scenes, Modern War Gear Solid.

Huge thanks to everyone for watching and commenting on Modern War Gear Solid – Part 1. We’re hard at work finishing Part 2. It should be up by midweek! And because you demanded it – more action and 100% more BOX!


As video game fans, MWGS is ridiculously fun to make. And the encouragement from the gaming community has dropkicked us right in the heart muscle! Additional thanks to Destructoid and Kotaku for picking up on this early, and all the other great blogs that showed us love.

If you can’t wait for some more MWGS goodness, you can check out behind-the-scenes photos on Flickr or join the Beat Down Boogie Facebook page for updates.

Thanks everyone! Can’t wait to drop Part 2!

Mike-India-Charlie-Alfa-Hotel Out!