Meet the Beat Down Boogie Crew

Posted on September 25th, by Micah Moore in behind the scenes, Modern War Gear Solid.

Hey everyone, while we’re busy shooting MWGS Part 3, I thought I’d introduce the crew responsible for all this craziness. In the coming months they’ll be posting tips, tutorials, and anecdotes on guerrilla film making.

Micah started out as a DJ in high school, and released a couple dance music records during his college years. Realizing giant pants wouldn’t be cool forever, Micah shifted his focus to film making. His first popular internet series was “NVP: Ninjas VS Pirates,” a noted effort in the early days of the Ninja/Pirate meme. Micah’s filmmaking dream is to reignite Western passion for martial arts films.

producer/editor/beer enthusiast
Blake’s life is filled with music. He’s filmed more live shows than we can count. (Way more than ten!) He’s hung out with GWAR, Andrew W.K., and other fun acts during his own music documentary series called…Series. When he’s not filming music videos, Blake spreads awareness of ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease). Our good buddy Tim is battling ALS and he works with Blake and Andy Coon on a documentary series about living with a terminal disease.

shooter/visual effects/audio editor/cylon
We don’t know what planet Rick is from, but we know he can talk to computers in their native language. By day he programs microchips; by night he assimilates camera equipment and filmmaking software. Like Blake and Micah, Rick also has a background in music. He produces scores and electronic music from his studio (in his buried spaceship). Rick also VJ’s and promotes innovative dance parties several times a year.

in charge of building things/blowing things up/also a dj
Andrew is an industrial artist who uses wood, metal and motorcycles to make art. By day he fixes and sells European and vintage motorcycles. By night he build props and creates practical effects on our films. He’s also hosted several of our tutorials including How to Make Sugar Glass and Breakaway Plates. And as should be expected by now, he’s also a DJ and musician.

Beat Down Boogie is lucky enough to get occasional help from other talented film makers like Andy Coon, Jesse Knight, and Louis Bekoe.