Filmmaker Spotlight: Clinton Jones

Posted on February 3rd, by Micah Moore in Articles, filmmaking tips, Inspiration, Short Film.

While MWGS part 4 and 5 are in post-production, it’s a good time to pay tribute to the awesome filmmakers of the YouTube era. First up: Clinton Jones.

You might know him as Pwnisher on YouTube, or as the director of CBE films. But most of you know Clinton Jones as the maker of Cardboard Warfare.

The idea for Cardboard Warfare started innocently enough – Clinton and his friend Tyler wanted to make a full-sized tank. But steel plates are expensive so they agreed on using cardboard. The idea spiraled out of control and soon they had an armory of cardboard weapons – and Cardboard Warfare was born.

Beat Down Boogie recently interrogated Clinton on the subject of DIY filmmaking. Hit the jump below to read his valuable filmmaking intel and to see his Fallout 3 and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. fan films!


BDB: In your opinion, what are the most important character traits for a DIY filmmaker?

CJ: I’d say creativity, motivation, drive, fearlessness, and the ability to take advice, constructive criticism and even insults.

BDB: How is making a fan film different than making a completely original film?

CJ: Well with a fan film you have to keep as much detail and atmosphere from the original concept as possible. That’s what the fans want to see – things from the game, in real life. It’s all about detail. Now with an original concept you think up, you have to add the detail and story yourself.

BDB: If you could direct any big film adaptation of an existing franchise, what would it be?

CJ: I would probably make a Deus Ex film, because there are so many opportunities to do awesome things! Great action, great atmospheric and ambient scenes, great color scheme and VFX opportunities, perfect music, great dialogue, and most importantly, fantastic story!

BDB: If you could live inside any video game universe, which would you choose?

CJ: Silent Hill

BDB: Wow. That’s pretty hardcore.

CJ: Haha, just kidding. As great as the games are, I would rather die then face Silent Hill. In all seriousness…I’d probably have to say Spyro The Dragon or Flower for PS3. Either way, i’d be chillin.’

BDB: Thanks for sharing your insight with other guerrilla filmmakers! Anything new coming up for you?

CJ: i’m currently editing the Live Action Killzone Short Film! Stay tuned for that! It’ll be posted on

For more cool videos AND effects tutorials, check out the Pwnisher Youtube channel!