Filmmaker Spotlight: HMCindie

Posted on February 22nd, by Micah Moore in Articles, behind the scenes, filmmaking tips, Inspiration, Short Film.

While MWGS part 4 and 5 are in post-production, it’s a good time to pay tribute to the awesome filmmakers of the YouTube era. Next Up: HMCindie.

If you’re a video game blog addict (guilty!), you may have seen this trailer last year:

Our Finnish friends over at HMCindie have made film homages to Duke Nukem, Fallout, Tomb Raider, Army of Two, and even the Playstation Move. We sat down with Mikko Löppönen from HMCindie to discuss filmmaking and video games. Hit the jump below for more films and the interview!

BDB: In your opinion, what are the most important character traits for an indy filmmaker?

MIKKO: Persistence. And a good producer is a must. You need someone who can get the production started and keep it going – someone to arrange everything and pull the whole film together. Everything relies on this guy so he must basically have it all. Directing skills, people skills, technical eye for details, workflow knowledge. He should strive for constant improvement and have a natural curiosity about film. Never be afraid to try different things out.

BDB: Your Duke Nukem fan teaser was featured on several video game blogs. How does making a fan film differ from a completely original project?

MIKKO: Duke Nukem was our first fan film. We loved Duke and kept kicking around the idea of a short film. We always wanted to do something with the franchise so we didn’t want to completely botch this teaser. Well-made or funny fan films gather a lot of views fast so it really needs to hold together and give the audience their “fan fix”. If you’re going to make a fan film, you’ve got to do it properly.

BDB: Did you learn any unique lessons from making a fan film?

MIKKO: We learned that you need to select a director. We didn’t really have a director. We did a lot of stuff wrong because we weren’t expecting that many people to see it in the first place. Maybe I wouldn’t have done it with such a b-movie style if I had known how many people would see it. I work at a post-production house so we could have gone for a more polished look.

BDB: Honestly I feel like Duke Nukem is a perfect fit for a b-movie grindhouse look. If you could direct a film adaptation of any established franchise, what would it be? Why?

MIKKO: Mass Effect because it’s my current fan love. You make fan films about the things you love, don’t you? It’s also got a great story and I love sci fi anyways.

BDB: If you could be teleported INSIDE one video game and live in that world, would it be Mass Effect or something else?

MIKKO: Mass Effect. It’s an awesome world with thousands of possibilities.

Our thanks to HMCindie and Mikko Löppönen! For more of their videos check out
They are also available for hire as a stunt team in Finland!