Filmmaker Spotlight: Blame Society

Posted on March 14th, by Micah Moore in Articles, filmmaking tips, Inspiration.

While MWGS part 5 is in post-production, it’s a good time to pay tribute to the awesome filmmakers of the YouTube era. Next Up: Blame Society Productions

Most of us have heard of Chad Vader, the YouTube parody of a certain Star Wars villain. But many people don’t know that Matt Sloan, the voice of Chad Vader, is the actual voice of Darth Vader in the games “The Force Unleashed,” “Soul Caliber IV” and “Empire at War: Forces of Corruption.”

Matt originally found his passion for entertaining in live theater. To create Chad Vader, Matt teamed up with filmmaker Aaron Yonda, who got his start in public access television. Aaron does the physical acting for Chad Vader. Together Matt and Aaron form Blame Society Productions. In addition to Chad Vader, Matt and Aaron do other series, skits, live improv, and are often seen at conventions.

Beat Down Boogie recently ambushed Matt and Araron in Cloud City. Hit the jump below for the interview!

BDB: In your opinion, what are the most important character traits for an indy filmmaker?

Matt: Confidence and prolificity. You have to believe in what you make and put 100% of yourself into it and you have to do it over and over and over again.

Aaron: And love what you’re doing–do it for yourself.

BDB: What are the biggest lessons you’ve learned as filmmakers from your Chad Vader series?

Matt: To not let little things and excuses get in the way of creating your content. There were about 100 reasons for us to not make Chad Vader, but we went ahead and did it anyway, so I think that’s the biggest lesson we learned.

BDB: You have the Chad Vader parody. Are there any other franchises you’d want to play with as filmmakers? Like comics or games?

Matt: I’m a big fan of MahJong — is it possible to make a movie out of that?

BDB: I think a Chinese director named Wong Jing beat you to it a few years back.

Matt: That’s cool. There seems to be a lot of mythology involved in the game — Dragons and Winds and such.

Aaron: I always though it would be fun to make a movie out of Carcassonne. I’d love to see nobles getting all upset about roads that lead nowhere and dueling farmers. And not being able to finish building a city because the city is shaped wrong.

Matt: They’re making a Viewmaster movie, so why not?

BDB: Just to get a glimpse into the mind of the filmmakers we talk to, I’ve been asking them what video game world they would want to live in.

Aaron: I just finished Dragon Age 1. I think I was living in that world for the past couple weeks. Post darkspawn it would be a pleasant place to live.

Matt: Pitfall. But I would never go underground because of the scorpions. I would just swing over gators all day.

Big thanks to Matt and Aaron of Blame Society Productions for giving us some insight into indy filmmaking. Aw dang, we should have asked Aaron if he seduced any of the characters in Dragon Age. Oh well, next time….