The Making of Modern War Gear Solid

We wanted to give you a peek of how we run things on the set. It’s hard work, but we keep it fun. We’ll have some new outtakes and bloopers up soon!

Usually we have a 3-man crew (with the lead actors helping out as well), but for more ambitious scenes we get a couple more volunteers. When we started out, the only real gear we had were the monopods, tripods, and Rick’s SmallHD monitor. But a few equipment companies (CMR Blackbird, Kessler, CPM, Sigma & Ehobbyasia) admired our effort and passion and reached out to help us make MWGS Parts 3, 4 , and 5 really special. Passion and determination can be contagious!

PS. The adhesive I’m using is called Sculpt-or-Coat and it’s made in Winston Salem here in NC.