Thanks for the memories Dragon Con 2011!

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It was the best of times, it was the…wait. No, it was pretty much an epic adventure the entire way through. Ever since my first D*C, I’ve looked forward to Labor Day weekend like a 5 year old waiting for Christmas. For 5 days my extended family consists of almost 40k geeks, nerds, fan bois/grrrls, Trekkies, wookies, and Storm Troopers. And just like family, I don’t have to like all of them, but it doesn’t change the fact that we’re all connected in some way.

Considering that I began enjoying the Con the moment we hit the road, it’s very hard for me to put a finger on my “favorite” moments. The best I can do it pick out the most memorable. Hands down, the most memorable moments are when the entire BDB Mario Warfare crew got together. Sure it felt cool to walk around a bit as Toad and get recognized, but when we got the entire cast together, it was amazing! Mario has been around for decades, but Mario with an assault rifle? That’s not something you see everyday. Throw in a shell-shocked Luigi, a “promiscuous” Princess, and a fedora wearing mushroom and you’ve really got something unique. Our fans are expecting great things after MWGS, and I think we showed them that the best is yet to come.

Every year I see some great costumes. Let me clarify, that by “great” i don’t necessarily mean complex or fancy. I can appreciate a well built set of Storm Trooper armor, but I’ve seen a ton of those over the years. This year, my favorite costumes were Thunder from Big Trouble in Little China, and the two gentlemen walking around in Stillsuits. I’ve always wanted to go as one of the Three Storms, but I’ve never been able to find the huge basket hat that’s integral to the costume. As for the Stillsuits, in the 5 or so years I’ve been going to D*C, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone dressed up as a Dune (the movie) character. Despite it’s lack of success, I’m a huge fan of that film and always wanted one of those suits!


Walking in the parade as Naomi from “Modern War Gear Solid” was crazy fun. (I highly recommend doing the parade at least once!) Dressing up as a “bad-ass” Princess Peach was probably my favorite moment, because we got so many compliments walking around as the Mario Warfare characters. I loved our “face off” picture with the Ghostbusters! Speaking of ghosts, I was able to snap a quick photo with two of the guys from “Ghost Hunters.” Those guys are always so cool.

I didn’t hit as many panels as I have in the past, but a highlight was definitely catching Carrie Fisher. She is hilarious. She spoke of the infamous slave Leia metal bikini. She said when she would lie down, the metal bikini would still stay up! Therefore anyone standing near her “could see all the way to Florida.”

For me, the best part of Dragon*Con is hanging out with amazing people. The costume creativity is off the charts! One of my favorite costumes of the weekend was the Police Stormtroopers. With flashing lights like a patrol car, they walked around writing people tickets for different things like “illegal parking.”

Hugs to all the people that made the Con so much fun! Let the countdown for Dragon*Con 2012 begin!

(Alena has a behind the scenes video they shot at Dragon Con on her Youtube channel. You can also find her actress page on Facebook)

D*CON INTEL FROM MATTHEW SUMNER (Solid Snake, Mario, White Devil)

Wow! Is one word that comes to my mind from Dragon Con 2011. I’d have to say that my favorite costume that comes to mind would have to be the Flasher C-3PO. At first glance he was just C-3PO in a trench coat. Then out of nowhere he would flash you exposing his “wires” and “bolts”.

We all had a blast running around with our fans. We were amazed at the number of people who recognized us from the MWGS series as well as the Dragon Con 2010 video. Tons of people told us that they came to Dragon Con 2011 because of Beat Down Boogie’s 2010 video. They saw how much fun we had last year and had to come be a part of it. Each fan has had a heart warming impact on us and our work. That would have to be my favorite part of Dragon Con 2011; the fans!! The love we’ve received and lasting friendships we’ve made make the work we do so worth it. I look forward to other conventions and meet ups in the future.

Thank you all for your love and support.

FROM THE CRAZED MIND OF JAROD KEARNEY (It’s a me, Luigi, Corporate Douchebag Man):

One of the best costumes I saw was a fully accurate, 7-foot Modok. It was truly amazing! As far as favorite moments, I loved meeting the fans of Beat Down Boogie – talking guns, action, and nerdin’ out. You guys are awesome, and I can’t wait to bring Luigi and Mario Warfare to life for ya! A close second of course is the 78 hours of women in corsets….


Rick Burnett here, technical director for MWGS. Whew, I think I am starting to finally come out of the fog that is DragonCon. Once again, the cast and crew descended on Atlanta for an amazing time. This year there were a lot of amazing costumes and more people then I’ve ever seen there before. I really enjoyed meeting a bunch of our fans and getting the opportunity to talk film with them. Many of our fans are aspiring cinematographers themselves and love to learn how we do the things we do, and of course, we love sharing our knowledge. We want to watch your amazing productions as well!

Costume wise, I was amazed at the still suit I saw, it was really well done. Of course, I also loved the Logan’s Run outfits I saw. I can be a sucker for old school sci-fi work. In addition, We got to meet Todd and Crystal, who have the most amazing an accurate MGS4 costumes.
One thing I found amazing was the quantity of Mario, Luigi, Wario and Waluigi outfits this year. It’s like a million voices cried out at once, “It’s a mario!” Of course, our Mario, Luigi, Toad and Princess Peach were there and their outfits were awesome.

I will say, the strangest thing I didn’t see was a lot of Klingons. There was a HUGE lack of them this year. I am not sure if there was a secret Klingon convention happening elsewhere and they were planning world domination.

Now that we are done with DragonCon, it’s fullspeed Mario Warfare and we are VERY excited about it!

THE DIRECTOR’S CUT FROM MICAH MOORE (editor, cameraman, dancing machine):

It was great meeting so many new faces at Dragon*Con! Even though the guest panels are cool, I really go to see the amazing costumes. My favorite costumes this year were George Clinton and Bootsy Collins, the C3P0 flasher, the Nerfpunk army, and the cute Crow and Tom Servo girls. This year I saw the parade for the first time, which is super cool. There was a Mach 5 from Speed Racer, a Batmobile, and two Deloreans. Even though I didn’t attend any celebrity panels, I did end up in an elevator with Brent Spiner (Data) and Christopher Lloyd (Doc Brown)! We also got to party with the Nerd Reactor crew. And I was lucky enough to hang out with a few acclaimed cosplayers like Yaya, Todd, and Crystal.

We met some cool Beat Down Boogie fans. I brought a bunch of them to Brian’s hotel room while he was half-naked being body-painted. We busted into his room pretending to be giant crabs because it seemed like a good idea at the time (alcohol may have been involved). Later on, Matt, Brian, Jarod, and I went out dancing all night with some new pals. Matt and I demonstrated how a gorilla and a penguin have a dance battle. No one seemed impressed but I’m sure in their hearts they all thought we were really cool.

I saw a lot of respect and kindness at D*Con, which is why I make this convention a priority. I dropped my wallet and someone brought it to me. Various members of our crew lost things that were turned into lost-and-found. When we were leaving, I saw a guy helping a stranger carry some boxes down a flight of stairs. Despite the 40,000 people crammed into 3 big hotels, despite the lines and crowds, everyone manages to stay friendly and cool. After all, it’s a big party.

I want to give a thanks to Destructoid for hooking us up with a couple press passes.

AND FINALLY, DEEP THOUGHTS BY BLAKE FAUCETTE (producer, cameraman, whiskey drinker):

First off, I would like to thank Destructoid for getting us press passes to cover the event. While they were expecting us to send photos each day of the event, I’m sure they had no idea we’d be sending nearly 400 photos from the event. We were just having so much fun filming that we may have gotten carried away.

I was truly amazed at the variety and quality of the costumes that people had made. There were so many unique and unexpected characters with some of my favorites being Duffman, Little He-man and Medieval Batman but my favorite was probably Leon The Professional.

It was really cool to see everyone recognize our Modern War Gear Solid characters and meeting some of the fans of the series was an absolute blast. I also loved seeing all the attention that the Mario Warfare costumes were getting. I think we just might be onto something with that.

Dragon Con is such an amazing event and like Micah mentioned, even though everywhere you went was pretty crowded, people were very civil to one another. What really stood out to me was the extent that the staff of DC went to ensure that those with disabilities were able to enjoy all the events.

While we’ll be attending several events in the coming months, I think we all will be anxiously awaiting next year’s Dragon Con.