Posted on October 28th, by Micah Moore in Uncategorized.

Here it is: the long-awaited guide to making your own Cardboard Gear!

Cardboard Gear was built upon an older costume called Unit 01. The costume consisted of motocross armor, football pads, and a bumblebee helmet, all painted black.

To create Cardboard Gear, we duct-taped and glued cardboard all over Unit 01.

If you want to create an identical Cardboard Gear, here’s what you’ll need:


1. Transformers Bumblebee Helmet

2. Motocross Armor
(This is the same motocross jacket we used for Snake’s costume).

3. Football Shoulder Pads
(We received ours from a high school that was throwing away their old gear. You might check with a used sporting good store.)

4. Black Pants, Boots, and Fingerless Gloves.

5. Strong Glue
(You’ll need a strong adhesive to attach the cardboard to the plastic pieces. We used Sculpt-or-Coat, a pricey adhesive that has to be special-ordered. But any strong all-purpose glue should work.)

6. Duct Tape

7. Cardboard

8. Large Binder Clips
(We used these as clamps to hold cardboard pieces to the plastic base while the glue dried. Some rubber bands might be helpful too.)

9. Black Sharpie Marker.

10. Thick black permanent marker or paint.


1. Cut pieces of cardboard to fit the surfaces of the helmet, jacket, shoulder pads, and shin pads.

2. Tape and glue the cardboard pieces to the plastic surfaces.

For certain parts we glued and taped a larger base piece of cardboard down first, and glued additional pieces on top for depth and texture. Using both glue AND tape ensures a better hold, but the tape can be ugly. So you can always use tape AND glue on a base layer of cardboard, then add another layer of cardboard on top with just glue.

3. Cut rectangular pieces of cardboard to be duct taped to your thighs and shins.

4. Use the marker to draw screws on the cardboard panels and Cardboard Gear name panel on the back of the shoulder pads.

5. User the thick permanent marker or paint to cover any exposed plastic on the helmet.

6. Dress in black clothes and boots. Put on the motocross armor, then the shoulder pads, and finally the helmet.

And there ya go! You now have the power of cardboard gear!