Beat Down Boogie at SHOT Show 2012!

Posted on January 21st, by Micah Moore in Beat Down Boogie, live events, Modern War Gear Solid.

We recently tested some Foxfury lights on a film project and as thanks, FoxFury invited us to check out the 2012 SHOT Show in Las Vegas. We were a bit nervous. This was the real deal. Real steel. Real pros walking around. And our goofy faces. Luckily, everyone was super nice and welcomed our touch of humor at the show. Here’s what we did:

We learned how much ass a one-legged man can kick.

Snake’s new best friend is Rob, a badass MMA fighter that lost his leg in battle. Rob was shot pretty much everywhere, and survived to kick ass in the ring. Not only can he brawl, he can deliver a 20-30 foot kick by flinging his prosthetic leg at opponents. Rob was at the Show representing Freedom Hunters, a group that works with injured soldiers. Even though the guys at their booth had life-changing injuries, they were the most fun people at SHOT Show and I wish we could have stayed longer and partied with you guys (at that other convention, wink wink nudge nudge).

We got to shoot more guns!

When we first arrived in Vegas, we got to shoot guns with our pal Sam from X-Caliber Tactical.  It was a private little affair so please check out our Vegas recap to read more about it.  For SHOT Show we spent a day out at a massive firing range shooting even more guns.   Nevada is perfect for outdoor ranges due to the desert and mountainous backdrops that can stop even the largest rounds.

At the SHOT Show range day our highlights were shooting the suppressed MP5, suppressed Uzi, and the Bulldog gatling gun.

We met other people from the internet!

We finally met Scaar (aka Hans Gruber aka Baron von Dumbledorfen). You might know him from the 10 Commandments of Airsoft.  He has tons of airsoft gun reviews, all with a wicked sense of humor.  Scaar turned out to be Micah’s hetero soulmate, but unfortunately he lives in a faraway land of kangaroos and boomerangs known as Austria.  Even so, Scaar was officially jumped into the Beat Down Boogie gang.

We also met Arnie from Arnie’s Airsoft, a major airsoft forum.  Like most of our British pals, he’s a great guy to hit the pub with.   Arnie, c u next time. (See, it still works, hehe).

We partied with our friends at FoxFury Lighting Solutions.

FoxFury creates some lights that we tested on a film project. As thanks, they invited us to SHOT Show.  The FoxFury folks – Mario, Antonio, and Maria – were awesome.  Their humor and personalities were right up our alley.  We were really tempted to play with their new blue and green lasers, but I’m pretty sure that would have ended badly for either Snake or Ghost….probably Ghost.

(PS.  You can watch Brian and Matt’s distant cousins teamup with FoxFury on the Myth Hunters YouTube Channel).

Beat Down Boogie got a shout out from Gunny!

We ran into R. Lee Ermey, former Marine drill sergeant and well-known actor (Full Metal Jacket, Mail Call, Saving Silverman, etc). He was at the firing range representing Glock pistols. Thanks to those of you in our enlisted audience, Gunny gave Beat Down Boogie a special shout out! (Video coming soon!)

We saw a billion guns!

SHOT Show is so big.  There’s no way we could see it all in two days.  But we did see a crazy amount of firearms!

We saw cool gadgets!

We got to play with radar imaging that could see through walls.  We played with night vision optics for the iphone.  We played with the “Eyeball” a round surveillance camera that can be tossed into rooms.  We even checked out an SUV decked out with thermal and night vision cameras.  Really cool stuff.  Not quite as high-tech as Cardboard Gear, but still….

We got swagger. OK…maybe just swag.

Swag (if ya don’t know) is free stuff that’s given away at conventions. Usually it’s little things like USB drives, hats, and stickers. But a few people at Shot Show went out of their way to make us noobs feel welcome and hook us up. Big thanks to OTIS Technologies, Tapco and Zan for being so cool to the BDB crew. OTIS has some zombie-themed products and we got to yapping about zombies and movies and video games. They were even nice enough to hunt down some Redbull for Micah.

Zan is a funny story. Zan is the company that makes Ghost’s mask. (Our Ghost, anyway.) They don’t know about Modern War Gear Solid or that hundreds of people ask about Ghost’s mask every month. But we’re randomly walking by their booth and they want a picture of Ghost (of course). So now they know about MWGS!

We got invited to a custom airsoft showcase.

Tim Ellwood (No Airsoft for Old Men) and Sam Chong (of X-Caliber Tactical) teamed up to host an airsoft media meet-and-greet.

Sam was showing off his amazing custom work. He has everything from mean mini-guns to wicked cool rifles with LED lights and custom paint jobs.

And Micah worked his magic like usual.

Or not.

We met some Modern War Gear Solid fans!

It was so awesome to meet some people who knew about our Youtube channel!

Thanks to everyone who said hi on the Show floor, or swung by the FoxFury booth during the Modern War Gear Solid screening!