Beat Down Boogie Does LAS VEGAS!

Posted on January 23rd, by Micah Moore in Beat Down Boogie, live events.

We recently went to Las Vegas (thanks to Foxfury Lighting Solutions).  This was Matt and Brian’s first trip to Las Vegas, and Micah couldn’t wait to show them the sights.  Here’s some of the things we did!

We invoked Elvis Law!

OK, Elvis Law is something Micah made up.  But basically he convinced Brian and Matt that everyone dresses like Elvis in Las Vegas.  Who are they to question The King of Rock n Roll?

Once the BDB Elvises hit the strip, the hunting booths at SHOT Show weren’t the only place with cougars on the prowl.  Hello ladies.  Grrrrrwol.

We walked The Strip!

Every casino on the strip has a unique theme.  Madalay Bay has waterfalls and a shark reef.  New York New York has a roller coaster twisting around the Statue of Liberty.  Circus Circus has performing magicians and Chinese acrobats.  Vegas is filled with spectacular sights and sounds.  It’s an adult playground on a massive scale (in other words, wear comfortable walking shoes).

For us the highlights were the pool at Caesar’s Palace, the Renaissance town inside The Venetian, and the massive Chinese New Year display at the Bellagio.

We met Scaar and Arnie!

Beat Down Boogie is always happy to party with good peeps!  Luckily we found a pretty awesome posse in Las Vegas, including the infamous Austrian youtuber Scaar (creator of the 10 Commandments of Airsoft).  We also met Arnie, the cool Brit that runs Arnie’s Airsoft.   We met a bunch of other great peeps out there (Sam, Danny, Daryle, James, everyone) – thanks for hanging out!

We shot guns…machine guns!

As soon as we landed in Vegas we met Sam from X-Caliber Tactical.  He makes sweet custom airsoft guns.  He invited us to go shooting with him…but not airsoft.  This was the real deal.

Shooting ranges are a popular attraction in Las Vegas.  In Vegas you can shoot anything from light machine guns to suppressed SMG’s to sniper rifles.

We shot the m249, m-60, Ruger Amphibian, SCAR L, suppressed MP5, KRISS, and the p90.

Snake and Ghost went cowboy.

Tim Ellwood (No Airsoft for Old Men) invited Snake and Ghost to a party at Gillies, a country/western bar in Treasure Island casino.  Mario (the CEO of FoxFury) showed up and convinced Snake and Ghost to ride the mechanical bull.

The boys rode surprisingly well!  But they complained about their bruised um…goods…the rest of the trip.

We admired art…just like fancy people!

We admired the over-the-top architecture and fine statues of Vegas.  The fine, fine statues.  Grrrrowl.

We went old skool.

The Vegas Strip has changed a lot since Micah was last there.  Many of the old casinos (like Stardust, Boardwalk, and The Dunes) are gone, replaced with monolithic glass towers.  The new casinos are fancy, high-end and expensive.  But Micah wanted to give Matt and Brian a taste of classic gaudy Vegas, complete with cheap drinks and buffets.  So the BDB boys once again met up with Scaar and Sam and headed out to Old Vegas.

Fremont St is the home of the original casinos like the Golden Nugget.  The street is also covered by a massive LED light display, transforming Fremont into a tunnel of shifting flashing lights.  We liked it so much we might stay in Old Vegas next time.

We went to arcades!

Slot machines aren’t the only things waiting for your quarters in Las Vegas.  Vegas has some pretty nice arcades in several of the casinos.

We even heard about an arcade dance club called Insert Coins.  We didn’t have time to check it out, but hopefully we can boogie there next time!