A New Era for Beat Down Boogie

Posted on March 26th, by Micah Moore in Beat Down Boogie.

For anyone wondering about the status of Mario Warfare, it’s still in the works.  Early on we ran into some significant scheduling conflicts.  Some of our cast and crew have had big life changes – new careers, marriage, girlfriends, moving, etc.  We’ve also run into big technical problems like our computer getting fried by a lighting storm.

When we began Mario Warfare, we didn’t take into account how much everyone’s new lifestyles and locations would affect scheduling.  We weren’t able to make films the same way we used to–and we had to realize it.   We were really struggling.  We needed to come up with a new approach to filmmaking that fits our current lives.  That’s what we’re working on now.

One of the big things we’re doing is simplifying some of our non-filmmaking activities at Beat Down Boogie.  Even though our focus has always been filmmaking, we’ve spent a lot of time learning about social media, researching revenue offers, building a website, making DVD’s and shirts, and running a store.  It’s been a rewarding learning experience, but we’re going to simplify some of those endeavors and really focus on filmmaking.

We’ve started working with some great new stunt and parkour guys like Carlos Lopez IV and Stephen Carr.  We can’t wait to show you what these guys can do.  We’re also teaming up with a new writer for Mario Warfare, Christopher Moore, so Micah can devote more time to being our director.

Our editing computer is nearly up-and-running!  It’s about time to jumpstart Mario Warfare!

We’re stoked about moving forward with a simpler fun-filled approach to Beat Down Boogie.  We want to travel more for film shoots, team up with filmmaking friends, and film more conventions.  We also plan to ditch the pre-roll ads on YouTube once our contract ends.  The ad revenue from pre-roll ads has helped buy costumes and pizza, which is really appreciated…but waiting for our videos to play drives us a little nuts, so we’ll look for a different way to help with production costs such as pop-up-only ads, sponsorship or kickstarter.

So stay tuned!  A new era of BDB filmmaking is on the horizon!

And as always, thanks for watching, commenting, and being part of Beat Down Boogie!