Beat Down Boogie’s Top 10 Dragon Con Videos

Posted on August 17th, by Micah Moore in Beat Down Boogie, conventions, Distractotron.

With Dragon Con 2013 fast approaching, we thought we’d go on a trip down memory lane with our own top 10 Dragon Con videos.

1.  BDB’s 2011 Dragon Con Videos
Our 2011 D Con videos contained some of our favorite music selections, combined with a diversity of great costumes.

2.  Robot Dance Party @ Dragon Con 2012
To us, this really represents Dragon Con; people bringing their A-game to share in the fun and creativity together.

3.  Snake and Ghost do Dragon*Con 2010
It may not be our slickest video, but it’s the one that started it all.  Solid Snake sneaks around Dragon Con while Ghost prefers a more direct and drunken path.

4.  75 Costumes at Dragon Con (with Chad Vader)
It’s not ours, but Vader’s attempt to recognize costumes at Dragon Con is hilarious.

5.  Dragon Con 2012 with Nerd Reactor
Nerd Reactor really shows off the kinetic energy of Dragon Con.

6.  Dragon Con 2012 – Gangnam Style Parody
Minh Nhat Bui made this ambitious parody video of the viral hit song Gangnam Style by Psy.

7.  Four Days At Dragon Con
When you’ve had your fill of hyper cosplay music videos and want to chill and be entertained and educated, this documentary is the one for you.

8. Distractotron’s Marvel and DC Videos
Our sister channel, Distractotron, covered the massive comic book photo shoots that go down behind the Hilton Hotel.

9.  Dragon Con 2012 – Epic Cosplay
A montage of cosplay and mingling set to Panic City’s Remix of “Real Hero” by College & Electric Youth.

10.  Dragon Con 2010 – Epic Cosplay
This was the first video we shot at Dragon Con, in all it’s quaint micro-music charm.

BONUS VIDEO:  The Marriott Cock Squat.  Too good.