Before ‘Beat Down Boogie’ was the name of our film troop, it was the name of an action comedy script by Micah Moore. We were going to work with amazing screen-fighters from around the world. But as the film neared production, we saw the dark side of the film industry. We realized that we’d have to sacrifice too much of our vision in order to satisfy the middlemen.

We returned to our guerrilla film-making roots and are doing what we love. Unfortunately we don’t have the funds to make the Beat Down Boogie movie. Maybe one day that will change. We hope it does. ;o)


An ancient globe is stolen from a museum, and some colorful characters are out to find it. Cat burglars. Dirty cops. Gangsters. ‚ĶEven a high school Asian History Club. Everyone has their own angle for the globe, whether it’s the reward money, selling it on the black market, or correcting history. One thing’s for sure: nobody’s letting the globe go without a fight. The treasure falls into the hands of a bumbling two-bit crook named Law, who’s about to have a rough day.

When the film was slated to go into production, we did get the opportunity to meet with some of the screen-fighters. We jumped at the chance to run around the city and film some rough ideas. Here’s a little clip of that: