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FOOD FIGHTER – Street Fighter Parody – Teaser

Posted on February 17th, by admin in Beat Down Boogie, Projects.

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What We Learned By Making a Fan Film

People tend to have mixed feeling about fan films. Some people think it’s awesome to indulge in your passion for a franchise. Other people think it’s cheap and unoriginal.
After making Modern War Gear Solid, we’ve come to one conclusion; making a fan film was the best film school we’ve ever experienced.


Snake Plissken.  Han Solo.  Nathan Drake.  John McClain. Wolverine.  Indiana Jones.

What makes these characters so awesome?  How can I create an awesome character?  By directing fan … Read the rest


Posted on May 13th, by Micah Moore in Beat Down Boogie, behind the scenes, Projects.

The Modern War Gear Saga has come to an end…for now. Snake and Ghost have a lot of loose ends to tie up – making a DVD, throwing a wrap party, setting up screenings, and going to conventions.

We came up with a ton of great new ideas while we were filming MWGS. We have some important things to explore like:
Who would win a fight? Colonel Sanders or Colonel Guile?
How did Professor X REALLY end up in that … Read the rest