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Up next from Beat Down Boogie, Mario Warfare!!!

Posted on January 5th, by admin in Beat Down Boogie, Mario Warfare, promotional art.


(New posters inside!)

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What’s Next For Snake and Ghost?

We had an awesome time making Modern War Gear Solid!

We’re currently looking into a DVD version of MWGS Parts 1-5. Here’s our plans:
*Combine all the episodes into a single feature film
*Improve the gun effects and audio levels
*Include the outtakes and viral videos and some exclusive clips as well

The DVD will take a little while to pull together.
One day Snake and Ghost might have another big adventure. Until then, they are looking forward to some … Read the rest

Modern War Gear Solid gets 4 new posters

Posted on March 1st, by admin in Modern War Gear Solid, promotional art.

alena finished
Hit the jump below for more posters!
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More sweet Modern War Gear Solid posters!

Posted on December 7th, by Micah Moore in Modern War Gear Solid, promotional art.

Courtesy of Blake Faucette, Doug Klesch, and Justin Reich!

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Poster Powers Activate! Form of Awesome!

Posted on December 3rd, by Micah Moore in Modern War Gear Solid, promotional art.

Modern War Gear Solid Part 3 is launching this month! In celebration we’ve got some new posters on the way! Here’s the first poster, designed by our producer Blake Faucette who collaborated with photography wiz Doug Klesch and photoshop guru Justin Reich!

We’re also working on revamping our site and youtube channel.
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Back from DragonCon!

Posted on September 8th, by admin in Modern War Gear Solid, promotional art.

Wow. DragonCon was AWESOME. We don’t want the party to end. But we’ve got MWGS Part 3 to look forward to. It was great meeting and hanging out with MWGS fans! Expect some video shenanigans with Snake, Ghost, Naomi, and Liquid. And even substitute-Makarov!

Huge thanks to Jarod Kearney (our sometimes Ghost/Makarov) for being totally awesome and letting us crash with him. If you saw “Corporate Douchebag Man” at DragonCon, you saw Jarod! Big ups to everyone there, and you … Read the rest