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What We Learned By Making a Fan Film

People tend to have mixed feeling about fan films. Some people think it’s awesome to indulge in your passion for a franchise. Other people think it’s cheap and unoriginal.
After making Modern War Gear Solid, we’ve come to one conclusion; making a fan film was the best film school we’ve ever experienced.


Snake Plissken.  Han Solo.  Nathan Drake.  John McClain. Wolverine.  Indiana Jones.

What makes these characters so awesome?  How can I create an awesome character?  By directing fan … Read the rest

The Making of Modern War Gear Solid

We wanted to give you a peek of how we run things on the set. It’s hard work, but we keep it fun. We’ll have some new outtakes and bloopers up soon!

Usually we have a 3-man crew (with the lead actors helping out as well), but for more ambitious scenes we get a couple more volunteers. When we started out, the only real gear we had were the monopods, tripods, and Rick’s SmallHD monitor. But a few equipment companies … Read the rest

Kevin Smith: The Truth About Film Distribution

Posted on January 26th, by Micah Moore in Articles, behind the scenes, filmmaking tips, Inspiration, live events, tutorials.

At the Sundance screening of Red State, Kevin Smith ranted about the film distribution system. His words hit home with the Beat Down Boogie crew. Whether you like Smith’s films or not, he’s one of the only filmmakers in the industry exposing the ridiculous process of film distribution. We consider his rant important for anyone wanting to break into the film business!

“I’ve learned a few things.” The director of Clerks and Dogma is speaking at the Sundance Film … Read the rest

The Amazing Camera-on-a-Stick!

Posted on January 18th, by Micah Moore in behind the scenes, filmmaking tips, tutorials.

The monopod is one of the most versatile tools in our, uh, box. RIck calls it the “trydent” because it’s great for trying new ideas. You can raise it up and down to get a crane effect. When collapsed it adds weight to your camera and makes handheld shots more stable. It’s great for high and low angle shots. And it’s good for live events that are too crowded for a bulky tripod. We’ve used Rick’s trydent to hang a … Read the rest

How to Make Breakaway Plates for Fight Scenes

Posted on August 17th, by admin in behind the scenes, filmmaking tips, tutorials.

Hey, guys.

Here’s a fun new way to break stuff over your friends’ heads (at your own risk, of course)! We first made sugar glass plates for a restaurant fight scene in our feature film, Dogs of Chinatown. They were sticky, messy, and took a long time to make. So our resident mad scientist Andrew Comstock came up with the idea to use plaster of paris. Now our breakaway plates are crisp and clean, easy to paint, and are much … Read the rest

Modern War Gear Solid FAQ’s

Posted on August 10th, by admin in behind the scenes, filmmaking tips, Modern War Gear Solid, tutorials.

Hey guys,
While we’re working on Modern War Gear Solid – Part 3, I just wanted to take a moment to answer frequently asked questions about Parts 1 and 2.

1) Where did you get the guns?
We get our guns from They are my favorite airsoft retailer and have an awesome selection of guns and vests. The main guns in Parts 1 and 2 are the G&P Sentry AEG, WE SCAR GBB, and the A&K Masada. I have … Read the rest

How to Make Sugar Glass

Posted on July 1st, by admin in behind the scenes, filmmaking tips, tutorials.

The first of many tutorial videos that we plan on making. Part of the philosophy behind Beat Down Boogie is to share our filmmaking experiences and our knowledge. If you have a different or better way to do something then please feel free to share your ideas with us. We’re all about building a stronger and more knowledgeable independent film community.

Huge thanks goes out to Andrew Comstock for hosting this tutorial for us. The next tutorial will be on … Read the rest