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Guardians of the Galaxy director surprises fans!

Posted on November 18th, by Micah Moore in Beat Down Boogie, conventions, Inspiration, Uncategorized.

Guardians of the Galaxy cosplayers got a surprise visit from the film’s director, James Gunn, and his brother Sean, who played several roles in the film. Beat Down Boogie was on hand to capture the good times that ensued.

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Beat Down Boogie’s Really Long Dragon Con 2013 Video

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A gallery of Dragon Con 2013 images can be found here.… Read the rest

Our friend Ejen at Cosplay In America has a great project in need of support.

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Our friend Ejen at Cosplay In America is working on a great book about Cosplay and needs help to make it a reality.  What we like most about Ejen’s work is that he showcases the diversity of the cosplay community – people from all backgrounds and styles coming together for love of fandom.  That’s the type of party we can get behind!   Ejen and Cosplay In America have been hugely supportive of the cosplay community and he’s just a super … Read the rest

Really Long Dragon*Con 2011 on Vimeo

Posted on July 5th, by Micah Moore in Uncategorized.

A fan favorite is back, now in beautiful Vimeo form!

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The Prop Guns of Mario Marfare

Posted on January 19th, by Micah Moore in Uncategorized.

We get a lot of questions about our prop guns, which we get from They are all airsoft, which is a great option for film-makers. New aspiring film-makers can choose super-inexpensive plastic airsoft guns which look pretty realistic, but are usually lightweight and missing close-up details. Film-makers wanting a little more realism can choose full-metal airsoft guns. These versions are more expensive but usually have realistic weight (which is great for actors), moving parts, and … Read the rest

Mario Warfare Part 2 For Your Viewing Pleasure

Posted on January 2nd, by Micah Moore in Uncategorized.

We got to throw down with our old and new stuntmen in this episode, making it really fun!
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Want to help make more Mario Warfare? We have a Kickstarter!

Posted on December 28th, by Micah Moore in Uncategorized.

Hey everyone, awesome news!  We were approved for a Kickstarter.  We’re raising funds to help make more episodes of Mario Warfare.

We’ve already made two episodes, but we’ve exhausted our personal funds.  There’s actually a bit more story there.
About a year ago we started making a different version of Mario Warfare, for which we’d saved up a decent amount of budget from our day jobs.  So many things went wrong with that production – bizarre unusual things like Micah … Read the rest

omg! omg! omg! Mario Warfare Part 1 is Finally Out!

Posted on December 28th, by Micah Moore in Uncategorized.

It’s been a long road to this episode.  It’s a huge honor and relief to present Episode 1 of Mario Warfare! ENJOY!

We actually started a different – very ambitious – version of Mario Warfare a year ago, and ran into one bizarre problem after another.  Eventually a string of back luck sealed the fate of that older version.  We returned to the drawing board.  We returned to our roots – a small cast and small crew working on an … Read the rest


Posted on December 27th, by Micah Moore in Uncategorized.

Woohoo!  It’s getting close!  Check out the trailer for Beat Down Boogie’s MARIO WARFARE series!

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Heading to Magfest!

Posted on December 27th, by Micah Moore in Uncategorized.

Woot!  Woot!  The men of Mario Warfare and Modern War Gear Solid are headed to Magfest the first weekend in January.  We’ve never been before, but we hear it’s nonstop gaming (which Matt Sumner likes), nonstop music (which Micah Moore likes), and nonstop drinking (looking at you Brian Lee).  We’ll be partying it up and even showing our movies!  If you’re at Magfest and want to catch Mario Warfare (or Modern War Gear Solid on the big screen), catch us … Read the rest