We’ve gotten a lot of questions about Snake and Ghost’s wardrobes and guns. Here’s a detailed breakdown and links to the gear.

Bandana: Found at thrift shop, possibly a belt for a coat or robe….
Jackets4Bikes Motocross Jacket
EA Gear LBV Tactical Molle Vest
Philanthropy Patch: Custom made (printed on paper and glued onto other patch).
BDU Pants
Fingerless Gloves: Not sure.
Shin Pads: Not sure.
Boots: Not Sure
Duty Belt
EA Tornado Tactical Dropleg Holster (black)

G&P Sentry AEG (Sand)
Ares DSR-1 Sniper Rifle
KJ Works M1911a1 Pistol

Flight Suit: Olive drab, found in an army surplus store.
Sunshades: EA Okey
Zan Skull Face Mask
Shemagh (Scarf)
EA Gear USMC Molle Tactical Vest
UK Flag Patch
Fingerless Gloves: Not sure.
Skeleton Gloves: Party City store.
X-Tac Knee and Elbow Pads
Bates ZR-8 Boots
Duty Belt
EA Tactical Dropleg Holster

Magpul Masada
Baretta 9mm

Black Dress Suit and White Dress Shirt
Tactical Vest
Converse Tactical Boots
Magpul Multi-Mission Sling

Other frequently asked questions:

1) Where did you get the guns?
We get our guns from They are my favorite airsoft retailer and have an awesome selection of guns and vests. The main guns in Parts 1 and 2 are the G&P Sentry AEG, WE SCAR GBB, and the A&K Masada. I have ordered a couple new guns unique to each franchise for Part 3.

2) What camera equipment and editing software do you use?
Canon 7d. Love it. Awesome value. Still has rolling shutter and moire-pattern problems though.
Blackbird Stabilizer. Love it. Solves most of my issues with the 7d. And it’s fun to use!
A sturdy monopod. We make a camera-on-a-stick and try crazy things with it. Rick calls it the “try-dent.”
For Part 3, Rick is getting a Kessler Crane and Dolly. It’s going to be epic!
We edit with Final Cut Pro.
Rick used Blender and After Effects to create the helicopter shot.

3) How did you make Ghost and Snake’s costumes?
Snake’s jacket and kneepads are motocross armor. His vest and tactical accessories came from His hair supplies came from Snake provided his own boots and we made a custom “Philanthropy” patch by printing it out on paper and gluing it over another patch.

Ghost’s olive drab flight suit came used from a military surplus store. His vest, kneepads, elbow pads, UK patch, scarf, and plain black balaclava came from The skull face-mask and earmuffs came from His outfit in Part 2 included khaki cargo pants and a black ribbed sweater. Ghost provided his own boots.

4) What is the end credits music?
All the music in Parts 1 and 2 is royalty free stock music, except for a cover of the Old Snake Theme performed by Rick Burnett. The end credits music is Anthem for War, composed by Cassidy Bisher. As far as I know that song is only available for licensing, not for individual sale.

5) How much did Parts 1 and 2 cost to make?
If you count all the gear we already had like prop guns and camera equipment it would be pretty expensive. But the money we spent specifically for Parts 1 and 2 was three to five hundred bucks, mostly on pizza delivery.

* * *
and good luck on your Snake and Ghost costumes! ;o)

-Micah and the Beat Down Boogie Crew