Modern War Gear Solid – COMPLETE!

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The merch store is closed.  So if you got a Modern War Gear Solid DVD, it’s now limited edition.  I doubt that makes it more valuable, but it does make it rare.  There’s probably about 500 in existence.  Since we don’t offer DVD’s anymore, we did want to make sure the world could still watch the final director’s cut of Modern War Gear Solid.  I feel it’s a real good watch as a singular uncut experience.… Read the rest

Modern War Gear Solid Commentary

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Are you a fan of Snake and Ghost?  Instead of listening to Snake’s grizzled voice and Ghost’s seductive accent, you can now listen to the geeks behind the series prattling on about it.  

This commentary was originally only available on the Modern War Gear Solid DVD, but since we no longer have a store – we though we should share it with the world!  Well…with a tiny fraction of the world!  Cheers!… Read the rest

Solid Snake VS Leeroy Jenkins

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For those of you who’ve been with us since Modern War Gear Solid, you know there was a big gap between MWGS episode 2 and 3.  At the time, we didn’t even know we’d be making a 3rd, 4th, and 5th installment.  But the audience wanted to see what became of Snake and Ghost, and we did too.  In the downtime of writing the last 3 episodes, Snake and Ghost got bored and infiltrated the internet.  They snuck into videos … Read the rest

A New Era for Beat Down Boogie

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For anyone wondering about the status of Mario Warfare, it’s still in the works.  Early on we ran into some significant scheduling conflicts.  Some of our cast and crew have had big life changes – new careers, marriage, girlfriends, moving, etc.  We’ve also run into big technical problems like our computer getting fried by a lighting storm.

When we began Mario Warfare, we didn’t take into account how much everyone’s new lifestyles and locations would affect scheduling.  We weren’t able … Read the rest

Where’s Waldo? – Theatrical Trailer

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Recently our stuntman pal Emmanuel Manzanares from the film group LBP visited from Chicago. Whenever our friends from LBP or The Stunt People pass through, we always jump at the chance to learn from them.

This was a fun one-day shoot, and Brian Lee learned how to fall on stairs from Manny. Hopefully we’ll be able to team up with him again in the near future!… Read the rest

Las Vegas Vacation

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Shot Show 2012 with Snake and Ghost (and R. Lee Ermey)

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Huge thanks goes out to Fox Fury Lighting Solutions for sponsoring Beat Down Boogie’s trip out to Shot Show 2012. For additional Shot Show footage and to see what Brian Lee and Matt Sumner do when they are not playing Snake and Ghost, check out the Myth Hunters Youtube channel here. … Read the rest

Beat Down Boogie Does LAS VEGAS!

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We recently went to Las Vegas (thanks to Foxfury Lighting Solutions).  This was Matt and Brian’s first trip to Las Vegas, and Micah couldn’t wait to show them the sights.  Here’s some of the things we did!

We invoked Elvis Law!

OK, Elvis Law is something Micah made up.  But basically he convinced Brian and Matt that everyone dresses like Elvis in Las Vegas.  Who are they to question The King of Rock n Roll?

Once the BDB Elvises … Read the rest

Beat Down Boogie at SHOT Show 2012!

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We recently tested some Foxfury lights on a film project and as thanks, FoxFury invited us to check out the 2012 SHOT Show in Las Vegas. We were a bit nervous. This was the real deal. Real steel. Real pros walking around. And our goofy faces. Luckily, everyone was super nice and welcomed our touch of humor at the show. Here’s what we did:

We learned how much ass a one-legged man can kick.

Snake’s new best friend is Rob, … Read the rest

Up next from Beat Down Boogie, Mario Warfare!!!

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(New posters inside!)

 … Read the rest

Modern Warfare 3 Starring Ghost: Outtakes

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Beat Down Boogie + Las Vegas + Tons of Guns!?

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Neon lights, Elvis and machine guns! Las Vegas here we come!

Beat Down Boogie has been invited to SHOT SHOW – the biggest gun show on the planet! This is an exclusive show reserved for industry professionals – but thanks to Foxfury flashlights, Snake and Ghost will be there this January! We’ll not only be checking out cool new firearms, we’ll also be exploring Las Vegas!

And we’ll keep you updated with pictures and videos!

Foxfury will also be … Read the rest

SantaCon 2011

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Greensboro, NC has 3 big bar crawls during the year – PirateCon, BunnyCon, and SantaCon. We heard about these wild nights and finally got a chance to check one out. Ghost went as Tactical Santa. Snake lost a bet and had to wear a girl’s Santa shirt from Walmart. But Santa gave Snake his one wish list item – a new box!

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Modern Warfare 3 Starring Ghost

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Our Friends Comment On The Inside Edition Scandal

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You may know that the CBS-produced program, Inside Edition, used our DragonCon 2010 video WITHOUT PERMISSION in a story about an unrelated criminal investigation. We took offense to having our video twisted into a misleading portrayal of our community as deviants and criminals. People are understandably upset that Inside Edition chose to steal an unrelated video featuring their faces and attach it to a criminal investigation story. Here’s some of the feedback we’ve received:

“I hate to be a prick, Read the rest