Cos Patrol from our sister channel, Distractotron

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For those of you that don’t know Blake Faucette, Matthew Sumner and Justin Reich have started a sister channel to Beat Down Boogie called Distractotron. You can find them on Youtube and Facebook. You can subscribe to their Youtube Channel here.

Cos Patrol is Distractotron’s spin on COPS and Reno 911.  After MGS4, Old Snake has settled down as a beat cop, patrolling the streets of a city filled with game and movie characters.

In the episode, Snake … Read the rest

The Prop Weapons of Mario Warfare

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I have to admit, bashing each other with sledge hammers in Mario Warfare was every bit as fun as it seemed. Of course, this is because the realistic-looking sledgehammers were actually safe prop weapons made by

When we started making action movies, we did a lot of stuff wrong. For one thing, we frequently hurt each other during fight scenes. At the time, we though really hitting each other would make our scenes more realistic. But it was very … Read the rest

Mario Warfare Part 2 For Your Viewing Pleasure

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We got to throw down with our old and new stuntmen in this episode, making it really fun!
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Want to help make more Mario Warfare? We have a Kickstarter!

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Hey everyone, awesome news!  We were approved for a Kickstarter.  We’re raising funds to help make more episodes of Mario Warfare.

We’ve already made two episodes, but we’ve exhausted our personal funds.  There’s actually a bit more story there.
About a year ago we started making a different version of Mario Warfare, for which we’d saved up a decent amount of budget from our day jobs.  So many things went wrong with that production – bizarre unusual things like Micah … Read the rest

omg! omg! omg! Mario Warfare Part 1 is Finally Out!

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It’s been a long road to this episode.  It’s a huge honor and relief to present Episode 1 of Mario Warfare! ENJOY!

We actually started a different – very ambitious – version of Mario Warfare a year ago, and ran into one bizarre problem after another.  Eventually a string of back luck sealed the fate of that older version.  We returned to the drawing board.  We returned to our roots – a small cast and small crew working on an … Read the rest


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Woohoo!  It’s getting close!  Check out the trailer for Beat Down Boogie’s MARIO WARFARE series!

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Heading to Magfest!

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Woot!  Woot!  The men of Mario Warfare and Modern War Gear Solid are headed to Magfest the first weekend in January.  We’ve never been before, but we hear it’s nonstop gaming (which Matt Sumner likes), nonstop music (which Micah Moore likes), and nonstop drinking (looking at you Brian Lee).  We’ll be partying it up and even showing our movies!  If you’re at Magfest and want to catch Mario Warfare (or Modern War Gear Solid on the big screen), catch us … Read the rest

The Really Really Long Dragon*Con Video

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It’s finally here!  24 minute of awesome cosplay action from Dragon*Con 2012!

Big thanks to The Superhero Costuming Forum, Distractotron Channel, and Nerd Reactor for helping us get footage this year.… Read the rest

Dragon*Con 2012

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As I make my way back home, I am pleasantly reflecting on my yearly trip to Atlanta. Dragon*Con is a time when the imaginations of thousands of people coalesce from the ether and are given physical form.

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Our Website is Back!

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Our blog experienced a couple months of radio silence.  We were focused 100% on finishing Episodes 1 and 2 of Mario Warfare.  Now that those are in the bag, we’ve finally given the site an overdue redesign.  The biggest changes are the removal of features and pages we just didn’t use.  For one, there’s no longer a store for merchandise.  We really appreciate everyone who bought DVD’s and T-shirts.  But with our small crew, it was too difficult to run … Read the rest

Mario Warfare – Sneak Peek 3

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After running into early troubles on Mario Warfare, director Micah Moore shares the trials and tribulations of making this series.

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Mario Warfare – Sneak Peek 2

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For us, screen fights are the most fun we have as filmmakers.  We’ve been thinking a lot about the fights in Mario Warfare.  For some fights we want to riff on the action movies that we love.  For other fights we want to delve into our own creativity.  Above all else, we want to push ourselves a little further to try stunts and weapons that we’ve never used before.  In the world of Mario Warfare, we’ll be using a lot … Read the rest

Mario Warfare – Sneak Peek 1

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We’re hard at work on Mario Warfare!  We’ve been making costumes and assembling our collection of props.  We owe a huge thanks to for helping us arm our characters with airsoft guns.  If you’re interested in high-quality realistic prop weapons or airsoft, check them out.  They’re an HK company that we’ve shopped with for a long time.  The shipping can be pricey, but it’s really fast, and we end up saving money overall with their warhouse prices.… Read the rest

Modern War Gear Solid – COMPLETE!

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The merch store is closed.  So if you got a Modern War Gear Solid DVD, it’s now limited edition.  I doubt that makes it more valuable, but it does make it rare.  There’s probably about 500 in existence.  Since we don’t offer DVD’s anymore, we did want to make sure the world could still watch the final director’s cut of Modern War Gear Solid.  I feel it’s a real good watch as a singular uncut experience.… Read the rest

Modern War Gear Solid Commentary

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Are you a fan of Snake and Ghost?  Instead of listening to Snake’s grizzled voice and Ghost’s seductive accent, you can now listen to the geeks behind the series prattling on about it.  

This commentary was originally only available on the Modern War Gear Solid DVD, but since we no longer have a store – we though we should share it with the world!  Well…with a tiny fraction of the world!  Cheers!… Read the rest