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Thanks for the memories Dragon Con 2011!

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It was the best of times, it was the…wait. No, it was pretty much an epic adventure the entire way through. Ever since my first D*C, I’ve looked forward to Labor Day weekend like a 5 year old waiting for Christmas. For 5 days my extended family consists of almost 40k geeks, nerds, fan bois/grrrls, Trekkies, wookies, and Storm Troopers. And just like family, I don’t have to like all … Read the rest

Mario Warfare – Sneak Peek 2: Fight!

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We head to the Octagon Gym in Greensboro with fight coordinator Matthew Sumner and stunt coordinator Brian Lee to start working on fight scenes.

Special thanks to Specter Studios for the sweet sledgehammer and wrench seen in this video! Check out their props and costumes.… Read the rest

Mario Warfare – Sneak Peek 1: Guns and Garb

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We’re gearing up for Mario Warfare, and we’ll be dropping sneak peeks so you can get a taste of our film-making process. In this sneak peek we check out the costume design and guns of Mario Warfare.

Music is “Akira vs Konono” by Dan Hendriks.

Mario = Matt Sumner
Luigi = Jarod Kearney
Toadstool = Brian Lee
Peach = Alena Koch… Read the rest

BLOOPERS! (For Modern War Gear Solid)

Posted on June 6th, by Micah Moore in behind the scenes, Modern War Gear Solid, Short Film.

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The Making of Modern War Gear Solid

We wanted to give you a peek of how we run things on the set. It’s hard work, but we keep it fun. We’ll have some new outtakes and bloopers up soon!

Usually we have a 3-man crew (with the lead actors helping out as well), but for more ambitious scenes we get a couple more volunteers. When we started out, the only real gear we had were the monopods, tripods, and Rick’s SmallHD monitor. But a few equipment companies … Read the rest

Let the blackmail begin! Videos from DragonCon 2010!

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As you could probably guess from the previous pictures – we loved DragonCon. As I returned to Raleigh I passed a man on a scooter. I thought ‘he’d be so much cooler in The Stig’s (from Top Gear) outfit with katanas on his back.’ Then I thought, ‘oh yeah, this isn’t DragonCon anymore.’ Well, less than 360 days until the next one! We hope to see you there!

On to more MWGS Part 3 production!… Read the rest

Modern War Gear Solid – Deleted Scenes – Part 1 and 2

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As a special thanks to fans of Modern War Gear Solid, we’ve put up outtakes and deleted scenes from Parts 1 and 2. Thanks for your enthusiasm and awesome comments. We look forward to your reaction to MWGS Part 3.

We started Beat Down Boogie to get back to our roots as guerrilla filmmakers. We wanted to create a community where fans and filmmakers interact more with one another, instead of being obstructed by corporate middlemen.

We also wanted to … Read the rest