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Snake and Ghost Do DragonCon 2011

Posted on October 14th, by admin in Beat Down Boogie, live events, Mario Warfare, Modern War Gear Solid.

Snake, Ghost, Naomi, and the Mario Warfare gang swing by the world’s biggest sci-fi convention.… Read the rest

The Really Really Long DragonCon 2011 Video

Posted on September 26th, by admin in Beat Down Boogie, live events.

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Dragon Con 2011 Video

Posted on September 20th, by admin in Beat Down Boogie, live events.

Here’s the first of our Dragon Con 2011 videos. We saw so many cool things – it was really hard to select what to put in our 4 minute video! So now we’re working on a longer video (over 20 minutes!) which will launch soon! Special thanks goes out to Digikid84 and Youngunz Ent for allowing us to use the track “Supernature Love” for the video. If anyone is looking for the track, here ya go! here in Itunes.… Read the rest

Thanks for the memories Dragon Con 2011!

Posted on September 9th, by admin in Beat Down Boogie, live events, Mario Warfare, Modern War Gear Solid.


It was the best of times, it was the…wait. No, it was pretty much an epic adventure the entire way through. Ever since my first D*C, I’ve looked forward to Labor Day weekend like a 5 year old waiting for Christmas. For 5 days my extended family consists of almost 40k geeks, nerds, fan bois/grrrls, Trekkies, wookies, and Storm Troopers. And just like family, I don’t have to like all … Read the rest

Beat Down Boogie Meetup at Dragon Con 2011

Posted on August 30th, by admin in Beat Down Boogie, live events, Mario Warfare, Modern War Gear Solid.

Just wanted to let everyone know that many of the Beat Down Boogie crew will be heading to Dragon Con this week. If you plan on attending and want to hang out with us then here’s where we can meet up.

BDB meetup: 12noon on Saturday, September 3rd: Marriot: Atrium level near Pulse.

We plan on making several videos at DC this coming weekend and would love to have as many of you be a part of it as possible. … Read the rest

Do Not Meddle In The Affairs Of Dragons

Posted on August 1st, by admin in Beat Down Boogie, live events, Modern War Gear Solid.

…for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup.

Brian (aka Ghost) here.

2011 has been quite a full year for the Beat Down Boogie crew. We finished the Modern War Gear Solid series (over 4 million channel views, 1 million of which belong to Episode 1 alone), put together a DVD, launched the Beat Down Boogie store, and announced our new project. Now everyone is asking what’s next for the crew. The answer is simple: Dragon*Con!

The entire Beat … Read the rest

Back from DragonCon!

Posted on September 8th, by admin in Modern War Gear Solid, promotional art.

Wow. DragonCon was AWESOME. We don’t want the party to end. But we’ve got MWGS Part 3 to look forward to. It was great meeting and hanging out with MWGS fans! Expect some video shenanigans with Snake, Ghost, Naomi, and Liquid. And even substitute-Makarov!

Huge thanks to Jarod Kearney (our sometimes Ghost/Makarov) for being totally awesome and letting us crash with him. If you saw “Corporate Douchebag Man” at DragonCon, you saw Jarod! Big ups to everyone there, and you … Read the rest

Guess who’s coming to Dragon Con?

Posted on August 28th, by admin in behind the scenes, live events.

That’s right – Old Snake and Ghost will be sneaking around the East Coast’s largest sci-fi/comic book/film/gaming convention in Atlanta, GA. We’ll be at Dragon Con on Sept 4th and 5th.

If you’re going to be there, you might get the chance to:
Get in Snake’s box!
Give Ghost drinks til he throws up in his mask!
Get some alone time with Makarov in an elevator!
Use Jarod as a human shield!

Hit us up if you’ll be there this … Read the rest