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MWGS and Guerrilla Filmmaking Interview with Nerd Reactor

Posted on September 16th, by admin in behind the scenes, filmmaking tips, Modern War Gear Solid.

Hey hey,
A cool video game and movie site – Nerd Reactor – recently interviewed (director) Micah Moore and (technical director) Rick Burnett. They both talked about the inspiration behind Modern War Gear Solid and Micah shared a little of his philosophy about filmmaking. A big thanks to Nerd Reactor for a great chat!


How to Make Breakaway Plates for Fight Scenes

Posted on August 17th, by admin in behind the scenes, filmmaking tips, tutorials.

Hey, guys.

Here’s a fun new way to break stuff over your friends’ heads (at your own risk, of course)! We first made sugar glass plates for a restaurant fight scene in our feature film, Dogs of Chinatown. They were sticky, messy, and took a long time to make. So our resident mad scientist Andrew Comstock came up with the idea to use plaster of paris. Now our breakaway plates are crisp and clean, easy to paint, and are much … Read the rest

Want to be a part of Modern War Gear Solid?

Posted on August 4th, by admin in behind the scenes, Modern War Gear Solid, Short Film.

Soon we’ll be casting for Modern War Gear Solid part 3. We’re going to need a small army – literally – guys and girls to play a small army.

If you:
*are in the North Carolina area.
*have black boots, black pants and a plain black shirt.
*are 18 or older
then you might be eligible to be in the film. We can’t promise a part to everyone, but we’re happy to give MWGS fans the chance to get involved.… Read the rest

Modern War Gear Solid – Deleted Scenes – Part 1 and 2

Posted on August 4th, by admin in behind the scenes, Modern War Gear Solid.

As a special thanks to fans of Modern War Gear Solid, we’ve put up outtakes and deleted scenes from Parts 1 and 2. Thanks for your enthusiasm and awesome comments. We look forward to your reaction to MWGS Part 3.

We started Beat Down Boogie to get back to our roots as guerrilla filmmakers. We wanted to create a community where fans and filmmakers interact more with one another, instead of being obstructed by corporate middlemen.

We also wanted to … Read the rest

Welcome to Beat Down Boogie

Posted on June 30th, by admin in behind the scenes.

We’re making a movie!

But it’s more than just a movieā€¦.

Beat Down Boogie encompasses the spirit of do-it-yourself film-making.
A new era of technology and self-distribution is on the horizon and we’re exploring it!

From start to finish we’ll be sharing our experiences. Follow us as we test new equipment, start pre-production, create key art, explore distribution possibilities, book theatrical runs, etc. Our audience and fellow indie filmmakers will be able … Read the rest