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Modern War Gear Solid – Deleted Scenes – Part 1 and 2

Posted on August 4th, by admin in behind the scenes, Modern War Gear Solid.

As a special thanks to fans of Modern War Gear Solid, we’ve put up outtakes and deleted scenes from Parts 1 and 2. Thanks for your enthusiasm and awesome comments. We look forward to your reaction to MWGS Part 3.

We started Beat Down Boogie to get back to our roots as guerrilla filmmakers. We wanted to create a community where fans and filmmakers interact more with one another, instead of being obstructed by corporate middlemen.

We also wanted to … Read the rest

Modern War Gear Solid – Act 2 is now live! Enjoy!

Posted on July 28th, by admin in Modern War Gear Solid, Short Film.

Due to your amazing responses, we’re going to make Part 3 as epic as possible! I don’t know how long it will take to finish Part 3 – it could be a few months – but we’ll make it worth the wait. We’ll give updates and teaser clips on our Facebook page and Twitter! As a special thanks to the community, we’ll be releasing the deleted scenes from Parts 1 and 2 in the near future.

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Modern War Gear Solid – Part 1 (Modern Warfare 2 Meets Metal Gear Solid)

Posted on July 21st, by admin in Short Film.

Much of the visual inspiration for Beat Down Boogie comes from anime, comic books, and video games. I’ve always loved the artistry that goes into games. When Hollywood was in a creative nosedive, many game studios were releasing amazing cinematic work. Lately there’s been a lot of drama between the publisher of Modern Warfare 2 (Activision) and the studio that created the game (Infinity Ward). So I’ve taken a short break from working on Beat Down Boogie to provide this … Read the rest