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Up next from Beat Down Boogie, Mario Warfare!!!

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(New posters inside!)

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Mario Warfare Fight Practice

Posted on August 27th, by admin in behind the scenes, Mario Warfare.

We recently got together to toss around some fight choreography ideas for our upcoming series, Mario Warfare. We’re getting Jarod (Luigi) used to screen fighting, Micah (our Director) just ran around and hurt himself and Matt and Brian were amazing as usual. We’ll have pre-production in full swing after we get back from Dragon Con this year.… Read the rest

Modern War Gear Solid Part 5 is here!!!

Posted on May 11th, by admin in Modern War Gear Solid, Short Film.

More announcements about our future projects coming soon. Stay tuned!!!… Read the rest

Modern War Gear Solid Part 4 is here!!!

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Drum roll……..Modern War Gear Solid Part 3!

Posted on December 14th, by admin in Modern War Gear Solid.

Yup, it’s finally here. The beginning of the end. (of the MWGS saga). Two more episodes left to go!

A huge thanks to everyone who’s helped on the series. Thanks to the cast and crew for all your effort. For Part 3 I want to give a special thanks to Rick Burnett for pulling weeks of all-nighters to create the helicopters and exploding bricks. A special thanks to Karel Antonin, the composer for Part 3 who created the score in … Read the rest

Back from DragonCon!

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Wow. DragonCon was AWESOME. We don’t want the party to end. But we’ve got MWGS Part 3 to look forward to. It was great meeting and hanging out with MWGS fans! Expect some video shenanigans with Snake, Ghost, Naomi, and Liquid. And even substitute-Makarov!

Huge thanks to Jarod Kearney (our sometimes Ghost/Makarov) for being totally awesome and letting us crash with him. If you saw “Corporate Douchebag Man” at DragonCon, you saw Jarod! Big ups to everyone there, and you … Read the rest

Want to be a part of Modern War Gear Solid?

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Soon we’ll be casting for Modern War Gear Solid part 3. We’re going to need a small army – literally – guys and girls to play a small army.

If you:
*are in the North Carolina area.
*have black boots, black pants and a plain black shirt.
*are 18 or older
then you might be eligible to be in the film. We can’t promise a part to everyone, but we’re happy to give MWGS fans the chance to get involved.… Read the rest

Modern War Gear Solid – Act 2 is now live! Enjoy!

Posted on July 28th, by admin in Modern War Gear Solid, Short Film.

Due to your amazing responses, we’re going to make Part 3 as epic as possible! I don’t know how long it will take to finish Part 3 – it could be a few months – but we’ll make it worth the wait. We’ll give updates and teaser clips on our Facebook page and Twitter! As a special thanks to the community, we’ll be releasing the deleted scenes from Parts 1 and 2 in the near future.

We’ve been asked … Read the rest

A visit from Eric, Manny, and Shawn.

Posted on June 30th, by admin in behind the scenes.

We got to meet some of our favorite stunt guys! Eric Jacobus (San Fransisco), Emmanuel Manzanares, and Shawn Bernal (Chicago) visited Greensboro to discuss ideas for Beat Down Boogie. These guys are amazing talent with awesome personalities! We cooked up some really cool fight scenes for the script.

As if sleeping on Micah’s blow-up mattresses wasn’t bad enough, we couldn’t let them leave NC without a good brawl. So we grabbed a little camcorder (and Matt Sumner) and ran around … Read the rest

Welcome to Beat Down Boogie

Posted on June 30th, by admin in behind the scenes.

We’re making a movie!

But it’s more than just a movieā€¦.

Beat Down Boogie encompasses the spirit of do-it-yourself film-making.
A new era of technology and self-distribution is on the horizon and we’re exploring it!

From start to finish we’ll be sharing our experiences. Follow us as we test new equipment, start pre-production, create key art, explore distribution possibilities, book theatrical runs, etc. Our audience and fellow indie filmmakers will be able … Read the rest