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Cos Patrol from our sister channel, Distractotron

Posted on January 17th, by admin in Distractotron.

For those of you that don’t know Blake Faucette, Matthew Sumner and Justin Reich have started a sister channel to Beat Down Boogie called Distractotron. You can find them on Youtube and Facebook. You can subscribe to their Youtube Channel here.

Cos Patrol is Distractotron’s spin on COPS and Reno 911. ¬†After MGS4, Old Snake has settled down as a beat cop, patrolling the streets of a city filled with game and movie characters.

In the episode, Snake … Read the rest

Up next from Beat Down Boogie, Mario Warfare!!!

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(New posters inside!)

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Wedding Crashers : Beat Down Boogie style.

Posted on November 19th, by admin in Beat Down Boogie, live events, Modern War Gear Solid.

Congrats to our technical director Rick Burnett and his beautiful wife Christine. They got married on 11/11/11 at 11:11PM. They decided to invite a few of their costumed friends and of course Snake and Ghost had to crash the party. Definitely one of the best wedding videos ever. Enjoy!!!

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Posted on October 28th, by Micah Moore in Uncategorized.

Here it is: the long-awaited guide to making your own Cardboard Gear!

Cardboard Gear was built upon an older costume called Unit 01. The costume consisted of motocross armor, football pads, and a bumblebee helmet, all painted black.

To create Cardboard Gear, we duct-taped and glued cardboard all over Unit 01.

If you want to create an identical Cardboard Gear, here’s what you’ll need:


1. Transformers Bumblebee Helmet

2. Motocross Armor
(This is the same motocross jacket we used … Read the rest

Freddy VS. Jason : The Rematch (Happy Halloween)

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Happy Halloween from the Beat Down Boogie crew!!!… Read the rest

Snake and Ghost Do DragonCon 2011

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Snake, Ghost, Naomi, and the Mario Warfare gang swing by the world’s biggest sci-fi convention.… Read the rest

The Really Really Long DragonCon 2011 Video

Posted on September 26th, by admin in Beat Down Boogie, live events.

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Thanks for the memories Dragon Con 2011!

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It was the best of times, it was the…wait. No, it was pretty much an epic adventure the entire way through. Ever since my first D*C, I’ve looked forward to Labor Day weekend like a 5 year old waiting for Christmas. For 5 days my extended family consists of almost 40k geeks, nerds, fan bois/grrrls, Trekkies, wookies, and Storm Troopers. And just like family, I don’t have to like all … Read the rest

Beat Down Boogie Meetup at Dragon Con 2011

Posted on August 30th, by admin in Beat Down Boogie, live events, Mario Warfare, Modern War Gear Solid.

Just wanted to let everyone know that many of the Beat Down Boogie crew will be heading to Dragon Con this week. If you plan on attending and want to hang out with us then here’s where we can meet up.

BDB meetup: 12noon on Saturday, September 3rd: Marriot: Atrium level near Pulse.

We plan on making several videos at DC this coming weekend and would love to have as many of you be a part of it as possible. … Read the rest

Now That’s What Snake Calls Music – Vol. 1

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