Hi, We’re Beat Down Boogie, a web-based film troop.


Before we were BDB, we were just a few guys making short films together. We made flicks about killer toasters, evil snowmen, and the epic struggle between ninjas and pirates.

One day we decided to make feature films. We learned a lot about filmmaking, but we weren’t happy with the traditional distribution system. Nobody cared what the audience wanted to see. Everything had to be tailored for investors, middlemen, and distributors. Those guys determined what the audience was allowed to see.
We didn’t like that. Making films for the approval of industry suits wasn’t fun. We wanted to be connected to the audience. We wanted the fun back.

We decided to return to our roots – guerrilla filmmaking. During our time spent on feature films, some amazing and affordable cameras came out. We grabbed some 7d’s and started goofing around. Before we knew it we were shooting Modern War Gear Solid.

The decision to leave traditional filmmaking has been rewarding. Our Beat Down Boogie videos have been enjoyed by millions!


We want to keep making films that entertain a world-wide audience. We want to improve our film-making skills and find ways to tackle more ambitious projects. We want to embrace new forms of budget-raising, such as crowd-sourcing and sponsorship. We feel these methods won’t interfere with our vision or our commitment to the community.


Micah Moore – Creative Director, Writer, Shooter, Editor, Producer

Rick Burnett – Technical Director, Shooter, VFX, Producer, Music & Audio

Blake Faucette – Art Director, Shooter, Producer

Matthew Sumner – Lead Actor, Fight Choreographer

Brian Lee – Lead Actor, Stunt Coordinator

In addition to our core team, we have several regular actors that show up in our projects.